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{e46} Why most patients don’t come back

why patients don't come back
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Patient Retention:

Why most patients don’t come back

Have you ever wondered why some of your patients don’t come back? Maybe it is after the first visit or after several months. Some just plain drop out but why?

This is often a question that is discussed among wellness professionals and coaches-the mystery of patient retention.

Was it your office? Did they just not like you? Were they just not committed to getting better? Or maybe it had nothing to do with any of those but something deeper.

In today’s episode, I will break down the Top 3 reasons why most patients don’t come back. This will provide a framework in how you structure your visits to ensure the best you can that your patients get the information they seek in clear and simple terms while establishing boundaries and office policy.

In this episode you’ll learn how to:

  • Create an effective visit flow to ensure your patient gets all the information they need at their first visit
  • Set boundaries and expectations with your patients
  • Have clear communication to ensure compliance and success

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