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{Ep 25} How to identify and speak to your ideal client with Diana Khoury

How to find and speak to your ideal client
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Today’s guest of the Daily Cup Podcast features Diana Khoury!

Alternative Health Marketing

Ideal Client Marketing

On location today with Diana Khoury! At the coffee shop where we connected over 4 years ago!

As alternative health providers, we take our craft and passion very seriously. Most of us end up opening our own practices after graduation or have to market ourselves in some fashion to get clients. The problem? We have limited business training. As a result most wellness businesses fail and are not profitable because of this. But there is hope! By taking small steps to master your marketing you CAN have a thriving and successful business. It all starts with knowing your WHY and who you want to serve, YOUR IDEAL CLIENT. In today’s episode we will dive into that very topic.

How to identify and speak to your ideal client

I am so excited to have Diana Khoury as a featured guest on the show! Diana is a professional marketer, former bodyworker and an alternative healthcare evangelist. It’s her vision to increase active participation in alternative healthcare through educating practitioners and the public, making authentic connections, and creating transformative healthcare experiences.

Diana is the Owner of Alternative Health Marketing, an agency that helps wellness practitioners and coaches attract more ideal clients with a simple, targeted marketing plan, clear brand messaging and a professionally designed website. Diana has worked on many sides of the table in the alternative healthcare industry, understands the unique needs of wellness patients, and is able to translate clinical practitioner-speak into marketing language that attracts more quality, committed clients to your practice.

Ideal Client


In this episode you’ll learn how to:

  • Take the first step in identifying who your ideal client is
  • Understand and speak to your ideal client
  • Be accessible and visible to your ideal clients

Diana’s gift for our audience is a Ideal Client Worksheet. Your starting point to getting clear on your vision and ideal client. To access, please email her at: and mention you heard it on The Daily Cup!

You can learn more about Diana and her Ideal Client Consultation at

Resources mentioned on from the show:



Now finish that cup of coffee and get ready to have an amazing and productive day!

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