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Tips on how to scale your wellness business

how to scale your wellness business

How to scale your wellness business

In order to scale your wellness business, the foundation needs to be set. This involves setting up a standard system of processes in your business that are repeatable. Think, if an outsider came into your business they would be able to run your company based on the documented clinic operations that you set in place. Also, that they could take your model and repeat the process to create another successful clinic.

Sounds easy, right? If it is so easy why aren’t most businesses doing it?

This is one of the main things I help my clients with. Setting up systems.

Scaling really means anticipating demand, having systems in place to be ready for growth (

I asked two business experts what their #1 tip was to scale your wellness business.

Scale your wellness business

As Bek Kelly from Action Faction, states, “You are ready to scale a business when you have done all of the jobs within the business so many times that you have perfected (or near perfected) all of the essential processes involved in finding new customers and giving those customers an exceptional experience. Once you've perfected those processes you can write them down in a Standard Operating Procedure, start creating job descriptions and start scaling your business through hiring others, advertising more and generating more sales.”

Scale your wellness business

Tanya Titman from Acceler8program, states: “My core advice for solopreneurs looking to scale their business is to understand how to leverage. This concept is not new, but surprisingly many small business owners think they can do it all. Back yourself with a highly-tuned team of incredible support people that extend from home-based domestic duties to key roles within the business. The result is quality work/life balance and the headspace to grow and scale a sustainable business."


The ultimate goal of your business is for it to run itself without you being there, still generating revenue. The key is that there are written systems for every aspect of your business.

You should ask yourself this question: “What one aspect of my business can I create a system for?"

This should be one that is easily repeatable. For example, how you handle a new client appointment. I recommend creating a checklist of EVERY SINGLE STEP you do from the time a client schedules to when they walk in the door, what you say to them, directions you give them, and steps you take during the visit, and write them down. This is now your "New Client Visit Process."

This exercise will get your one step closer to having clear and effective systems in your business.

If you are struggling with efficiency in your practice and looking to maximize productivity. I invite you to schedule a complementary business assessment with me. I offer a free 30 minute session where I help you to develop the foundation of your business operations and helping you to maximize your time so you can really start to drive profit into your clinic. Just find a time on my schedule below and we can get started!

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