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About The Daily Cup Podcast

The Daily Cup Podcast

THE DAILY CUP is all about helping you maximize productivity, achieve your goals, and step into your power as CEO of your business, all while enjoying your daily cup of coffee. Ellie Heintze is a doctor and coffee enthusiast turned business mentor for wellness providers and small business owners.


Every week you will receive new episodes packed with key business strategies and actionable steps you can take back to your business to grow it immediately! Episodes are infused with core topics of sales, marketing, mindset, productivity, leadership, entrepreneurial success, and coffee talk!


We invite you to tune in to The Daily Cup every Monday and Friday, first thing in the morning (5am PST), and join us for a cup of coffee, as we empower you to take the next step you need to grow a sustainable business.


It gives you that morning jolt of productivity to keep your business moving forward.
The episodes are short and sweet so you can take the key actionable steps and use them to start your day.


The Daily Cup is focused on you, so if there’s a business, entrepreneur, or rockstar wellness provider that you just have to hear from you, or a topic you’re struggling with or something you want to know. Send our team a message at and we will make sure to feature it on an upcoming episode.


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